Fluorescence immunochromatography analyzer

PMDT 9000
PMDT 9100
PMDT 9800

Intended Use

Thefluorescence immunochromatographic analyzer uses the company's kit to quantitatively detect and analyze the components in clinical samples. After the instrument is turned on normally, add the patient sample to the test reagent card that matches the instrument, and then put the test reagent card into the instrument (put the test reagent card with the patient sample directly into the instrument for reaction (detailed reaction time) (Refer to the reagent manual), and then test the sample data, which is an inmachine test; put the reaction of the test reagent card added with the patient sample (see the reagent manual for the reaction time) and put it into the instrument, and then test the sample data, which is an off-machine test.



The advantages of PMDT 9000, PMDT 9100 and PMDT 9800


The Content of Fluorescence Immunochromatography Analyzer


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category 20 tests/kit

Product Fluorescence immunochromatography analyzer PMDT 9000, 9100 and 9800

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leaflet of Fluorescence immunochromatography.pdf
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