Infectious COVID-19 virus can be found in a COVID-19 patient at the end of its incubation period and after symptoms onset. The most critical work at present for COVID-19 prevention and control is to facilitate early detection, early reporting, early quarantine, and early treatment of the disease, which can help save lives.
Pro-med has taken swift actions in the wake of COVID-19 and has successfully developed two kinds of COVID-19 test kits -  antigen test, and antibody test - that make contributions to the global battle against the virus.
COVID-19 Diagnostic Solution
Diagnosis & Differentiation
Pro-med has been successfully developed kinds of diagnostic products to efficiently detect COVID-19 virus since  2021. These products are developed based on two professional methods – Antigen, Antibody.
Home Test
Ag rapid test kit (Saliva)
test covid-19 saliva method
Ag rapid test kit (nasal swab)
test covid-19 nasal swab method
Ag rapid test kit (Card type)
the simple and unique card type for antigen test
Antibody series
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P R I M A R Y    T I T L E
Antibody series
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P R I M A R Y    T I T L E
Antibody series
the test for the people who already accept the finished dose of covid-19 vaccination, ensure the antibody in the blood or keep protect your own body.
Neutralizing Antibody
IgM/IgG Antibody
Covid-19 Ag test for professional use
Covid-19 neutralizing antibody for professional use
Covid-19 IgM/IgG Antibody for professional use
The professional solution for agency like hospital, clinic, and use for your own company.
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